We've been reflecting on our favourite travel destinations from the past couple of years. From UK city breaks to South East Asia, we're rounding up our top 5 {in no particular order}



What can make for more of a wonderful long weekend break than renting a couple of bikes, throwing some bread and cheese in your basket and basking in the glory of the palace of Versaille grounds. Full of beautiful scenery and tranquility. We would recommend going in late Spring, earlier Summer to make the most of the weather.



If you love colourful buildings, wonderful food and enjoy a buzzing atmosphere, Hoi An is the place for you. Situated on the coast on Vietnam {30 mins from Da Nang} it's sure to fill you with inspiration. We would also recommend staying in Hoi An for at least 2-3 days if you're travelling around, and make sure you at least spend one night in Hoi An so you can see the beautiful lantern display at night time. Also if you love fashion and fancy getting some new garments made, there are plenty of tailors ~ who can literally make whatever your heart desires, they'll measure you up and have the item made within 24 hours {some places will even cater for a 3 hour turnaround ~ pretty amazing}. Some of the fabrics also are INSANELY beautiful!



Take a walk in a luscious paradise, if you love tropical vibes, this is definitely the place for you. Ubud has so many different sides, the hustle of bustle of the centre and the markets, to the quieter areas - where you feel a million miles away from anywhere. We would recommend renting a scooter whilst in Ubud, so you can explore the local arts and crafts {stop at some of the wicker shops on the side of the roads, and you might be able to see them making the furniture in the back of the shop}. Also if you like staying in accommodation a bit quirky, then we would totally recommend staying at the Birds Nest in Ubud {easy to find on Air BnB} ~ we won't say anymore as it's a unique experience. {read more about our Bali adventures here}


4. YORK - UK

One of our absolute favourite City breaks in the UK, full of history and amazing museums. Personally we think the best time to visit is early Autumn {before it's freezing} but it's still warm enough to stroll around and take in the local site's and sounds. We would recommend the visiting the Viking Museum {especially if you have kids}, taking a roof top bus tour {always a must}.




A historic playground, Athens is just a magical and beautiful place. Make sure you visit a roof top restaurant to take in the site's, sound's and scenery as the sun sets over the Acropolis. Make sure you spend at least 3 days in Athens so you can make your way round all of the amazing monuments.