So we recently caught up with the boho jetsetter that is Jess from @lifeabovetheclouds, absolutely living her dream whilst working at the same time, come and explore and find out more...
So can you tell us a little about yourself?
So I'm a twenty something [okay I'm 30 next month, but that sounds way better] travel loving girl with a free spirited outlook to life complete with a boho style to match! Currently working for an international airline in the Middle East as cabin crew, and loving every single second of this journey. I started my blog as a platform to share some of those wild tales I've clocked up over time and travel tips I've gained around the world as well as to post honest and personal accounts to try and inspire and relate to others similar to my age and mindset in terms of lifestyle, style & travel!
What's a normal week for you?
I usually fly 5 times a month, and in between that we have plenty of days off to recouperate and recharge that jet lagged brain. I live in Dubai so I find myself on most days off at the beach. It's practically an eternal summer here so I wake up to the sunshine every day!
Always a predictable questions, however I've got to ask, where is your favourite place to travel to?
San Francisco hands down. It's hippie feel, cutting edge vintage shops and array of colourful characters to match sets my heart racing. I love California in general, there is so much beauty and diversity, the coastlines, palm trees, nature & wonder, I truly believe I will reside there one day in the future. It's bohemian bliss!  
Can you tell us a little about your most inspiring trip yet?
I recently went to Peru to stay in the Amazon at a retreat. Nature in itself is a healing, and being surrounded by the beauty of the Amazon rainforest was beyond inspiring and eye opening. Two weeks without the use of a mobile phone, no make up, and clean eating filled my heart and mind with a genuine feeling of gratefulness for life, and how returning back to the simple way of living proves good for those living and working in this fast paced environment in which most of us are currently in.
Where do you find the inspiration for the shots on your blog + insta?
I think you can gather from my Instagram that I love bright colours, in terms of how I dress too. It reflects in all aspects of my life. I absolutely love day dreaming at the sky [where i spend lot of my time!] and re-imagining cloud formations, I love to watch the sunrise & sunset down at the beach and I am always hunting down those cool quirky spots around the world such as colourful stairways, brightly painted murals, and off the beaten track local sights [as opposed to the mainstream tourist attractions]. I recently wrote a blog on the top ten insta worthy photo opportunities around the world my favourite being in LA, a colourful stairway to heaven with a bright red love heart in the middle. Insta GOALS. 
Can you tell us about any of your future plans or goals?
I love writing, and I love being able to grow in to  my style by travelling to so many parts of the world. I would like to one day combine the two, minus the cabin crew part. But for now I'm so grateful of the stepping stone it's providing me to travel and be a self aclaimed citizen of the world!
Can you share with us where you will be travelling to next?
MIAMI! I'm super excited to get back here. I have a three day stopover to sightsee, twirl, and head down to a music festival that's currently going on there. I can't wait. 
If you haven't already check out this boho beauty @lifeabovetheclouds and follow her colourful adventures! 

 (FYI Jess is wearing the 'Sanmai Maxi Dress')