Here at Allegra, we know it’s not just about looking great it’s about feeling great too! That’s why I wanted to share with you our new guide to happiness!


Be Grateful

Expressing gratitude can sometimes feel hard when the chips are down. However, experts have found that if you regularly practice being grateful for all the wonderful things in your life, you’re much more likely to feel happier!

I found that if you set aside perhaps 5 or 10 minutes each morning to write down what you’re most grateful for in your life, it can have a wonderfully positive impact on your day!


Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a beautiful art which enables you to become more aware of your surroundings and everyday senses. It’s all about training yourself to be more aware of the people and places around you so you can just feel more appreciation for them!



Take care of your body

Our bodies are our vehicles and we need to ensure they’re in good working order. I believe there are 4 main ways we can take care of our bodies…

  1. Eat well – Nourishing our body full of delicious food is important! Eating natural, unprocessed foods helps our bodies maintain a natural balance. 
  2. Exercise - Being active even if it’s just going for a walk has been proven to increase our sense of happiness! Whether you’re a keen marathon runner or enjoy a leisurely walk over the fields, get out and enjoy your body moving!
  3. Drink water – We should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, I love water and I find it best to keep a water bottle with me and just keep on filling it up!
  4. Sleep! – This is my favourite! Beauty sleep IS actually a thing – who knew! Yay!


Don’t be unhappy about unhappiness itself

It’s a bit of a tongue twister I know, but we’ve all had those moments where we just feel sad because we’re unhappy. We’ve all been there when we just want to curl up under a blanket and eat ice cream…but do look after yourself until the low mood lifts and don’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself a little break.



Find something you’re passionate about

This could be a hobby, a job, a book or a TV show…whatever you’d like!


Make memories

The best way to do this is trying new things, big or small! I recently went out on a jet bike (very similar to a jet ski) and had the time of my life! It was so exciting and a little scary at first, but I’ll remember that moment for years to come!



Have some you time

In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to have a little ‘me time’. I enjoy having a cup of coffee by myself in the morning to think about my day ahead or browsing online for my next dress purchase! What do you enjoy?



Go on an adventure (our number one tip for happiness ~ we're always up for a last minute road trip ~ to clear our mind, body + soul)

It might be booking a trip of a life time to Thailand or it could simply be going on a road trip to the beach with friends. Whatever your adventure, enjoy it!



Let go…be free

Letting go of something that is bothering us can be hard to do. But when we realise that there isn’t any we can do right now to change it, we stop thinking about it and we make room for more positive thoughts and we can simply, just let go and it can be truly inspiring…



Have fun!

Most importantly, just have fun! Try to find the fun in every situation, even the bad ones…especially the bad ones!


We’d love to hear your top tips to happiness, feel free to pop them in the comments below!

Love, peace & happiness!